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What a bunch of scammers. This is a courier service that several international companies use to import goods into Canada.

I had the misfortune of dealing with them after ordering 4 dresses from UK based company MissGuided. Customs fees are not a new concept for me, I often order internationally and have ALWAYS paid my charges at the time of delivery or the post office. I received an email from EzClear stating they have my package. First of all, their emails are completely misleading you into thinking you HAVE to pay THEM, when really your fees are owed to the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency).

They were charging me $39.08 for import fees, custom fees and a brokerage fee, plus tax. My order from Missguided was $69.48. Naturally, I thought these fees were outrageous and decided to call EZClear to complain. I spoke to Maricel Mendoza, and said I would not pay them.

She informed me that I could "self clear" my package in person at the CBSA Office. Out of principle, I did just that and now am VERY happy I did. The actual fees owed to the CBSA were a measly $8.33. Let that sink in.

This company preys on people who are unable to complain, people who desperately want their package or are ignorant to what custom fees should look like. I shutter at the thought of how many have handed their hard earned money to this leech of a company. I extensively complained to MissGuided about them and hope they will stop using EzClear.

Why companies choose to use this courier, I don't know. Maybe they are cheaper than other courier services but this comes at a cost to their valuable customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Ezclear Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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To self clear, Maricel told us:


What were the steps to pay your own fees?

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