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Firstly I’d like to direct everyone’s attentions to the reviews below for detailed instruction on how to clear your own package without paying the absurd brokerage fees.Also, email the international store’s customer service representative!

Because this EZclear scam/company is fairly new, the companies are not yet aware that their packages are being intercepted and essentially held hostage for exorbitant fees. I reached out to the company that I purchased items for and after showing them these reviews among others they indicated that they will be looking for other couriers. The best way to express your dissatisfaction is not only to write reviews but also to contact the Store directly and warn them what is going on. Now the review itself: because this company is relatively new, the major clothing/item distributers in the UK are not aware of what is going on.

Packages that previously were delivered directly are now being intercepted and held hostages for gross fees. My goods cost roughly 40 dollars and there were $22 worth of brokerage costs associated with getting it released. Because I work regular hours I could not go to the Border Services office myself and had to pay the ransom (luckily the distributer refunded me the cost – see instruction above) Once this was paid EZCLEAR messed up again and sent the package over land instead of over air (which was promised) making a simple delivery take over a month in grand total. What a disgusting predatory service which offers zero instruction in the original email as to how to reach out to border services.

Borderline incompetent.I will be placing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Ontario and I advise you to do the same.


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